About the South African Chamber of Arbitration

In a time where consumers and businesses alike are battling to stay ahead of every increasing living and operational costs it is imperative for those who can make a difference to do so. With that in mind, the South African Chamber of Arbitration was shaped. By taking an age-old idea and getting creative with it, the chamber set sight on developing a new way of dealing with disputes on liquidated claims. It then investigated the elements involved in the standard arbitration process and identified that it, with a couple of amendments, can resolve many challenges consumers and organisation across South African are facing.This way of dealing with legal disputes allows two parties who enter into an agreement to upfront agree on letting an arbitrator review and decide the outcome of any potential disputes relating to a financial claim. This legal technique of dealing with disputes significantly reduces the costs of legal matters and also minimises the relationship damage that might occur. Moreover, the arbitration process used by the South African Chamber of Arbitration goes one step further to allow the parties involved to submit their evidence and statements, in the form of an affidavit, electronically to the arbitrator which eliminates the need for any direct engagements between the parties.

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Our Expertise

The South African Chamber of Arbitration was founded in 2016 by long-standing professionals from the legal landscape. With extensive experience in various suitable roles, the team is made of a chairperson and various other arbitrators. Each highly-skilled member of the team lives by the organisation’s values and strives to make a difference with the work they do. The experience they bring to the table allows them to confidently make insightful decisions based on facts.