What is Arbitration and Liquidated Claims?

Quick Facts

Our approach to arbitration is unique and we take it one step further with what we offer. Here's how:


Arbitration offers a legal alternative to resolving disputes in a court. This is done by a qualified expert who has the authority to make such rulings.


With arbitration, disputes usually get resolved within 30 calendar days - much shorter than normal court rulings.


Arbitration, in the way we do it, costs a fraction of what normal legal fees during a typical dispute resolution process add up to.


A ruling by an arbitrator is binding and carries the same weight as a court ruling. Courts support arbitration and enforce the agreement to arbitrate.


Arbitrators, who is completely impartial, give both parties a fair chance to submit a statement and supporting documentation.


Parties involved upfront agree to the arbitration process - this takes place during the contract negotiations phase.